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Violence In Sports
Peoples Feelings


Peoples Feelings
Aggressive Or Violent Play, You Decide

What Are People Saying About The Violence in Sports?

Many of todays columnists and sports writers believe that sports in general have become too violent.  These people feel that referees and leagues have a "let them play" attitude, which is causing games to become out of control.  James Campion is one such person who feels that this attitude is a reflection on society as a whole.  If his thoughts are true, sports are showing a scary picture.

Violence isn't just happening on the field anymore.  On June 5, 2000 Thomas Junta beat to death Micheal Costin in front of their children at a suburban Boston ice rink, after a hockey game.  In some places such as Jupiter, Florida, they have imposed manditory two hour counciling for its youth players and parents.  Click here for full story.

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