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Under the direction of Coach Don Collins, a graduate and former cheerleader at
James Madison University, Slippery Rock University began its first ever coed
cheerleading squad.


In 1986, after only one year in existence, the Rock Cheerleaders captured the
Division II national cheerleading title. Their performance aired on the ESPN
Network giving Slippery Rock University national recognition. Team members on
the 86 team: Rob Andrejcik, Sandy Banks, Grave Caraveggio, Michelle
Coleman, Jodi Dilner, Stacey Dunkelberger, Doug Fritz, Missy Green, Monica
Greggs, Dan Hostert, Joey Joswiak, Ray Maguire, Don Perrine, and Pat Scanlon.


Coach Don Collins left SRU to accept a position at North Carolina Chapel Hill and
to coach the Tar Heel Cheerleaders where he still coaches today. Larry Tolliver, an
Ohio State cheerleader, assumed the duties of head coach on a part time basis while
former cheerleader Grace Caraveggio acted as coach during the week. The team
placed forth in taping for the National Cheerleading Championship. At the time the
top 3 Division II teams were invited to compete in the championship.


Once again the Rock cheerleaders were in need of a coach. Bill Thallemer, former
Notre Dame cheerleader and UCA instructor, accepted the cheerleading coach
position. Under his leadership and expertise the Rock Cheerleaders were back on
top, regaining its title as National Champion. Once again their winning performance
aired on national television on ESPN. Team members of the 88 team: Dave Berlin,
Sandy Cernick, Michelle Coleman, Jodi Dilner, Frank Dimarco, Stacey Dunkelberger,
Gemma Fotia, Doug Fritz, Missy Green, Monica Greggs, Dan Hostert, Joey Joswiak,
Ray Maguire, Lori Ruffino, Kevin Vonderschmidt, and Steve Winegardner.


Without a coach, the cheerleaders were under the direction of student/cheerleaders
Ray Maguire and Dave Berlin. The team qualified for the National Championship
and placed forth in competition.


Todd Volland, former Illinois cheerleader and UCA instructor, was announced the
new SRU cheerleading coach. 1991 and 1992 were rebuilding years for The Rock
and Coach Volland. At the end of the 1992 season Todd Volland informed the team
that he would be leaving Slippery Rock.

Continued on History 2